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How to propose to a man in five easy steps

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Date: 18-02-2016

Most things are no longer done in the traditional way and wedding proposals are no exception! According a study, one in ten women now beat their partner to it and pop the question.

If you’re uncomfortable with this idea or are looking for inspiring ways to make that big gesture, have a look at this post to see how some of us here at Fantastic Wedding Fireworks popped the question, otherwise read on to learn some of our useful tips!

And by the way, with it being a leap year this year, February 29th is the traditional date for women to pop the question!



1- Do I need to ask his parents for permission?

The good thing about this form of proposal is that it is less traditional so you may be able to skip such formalities. However, if you’re taking the reins and proposing to him, there’s no harm in asking the matriarch of the family or even giving her a heads up, right

2- Do I need to buy him an engagement ring?

Although you may be more than pleased with a big rock, men are very likely to not have that same reaction. So no, we would suggest a subtler gift like a pair of cufflinks or a chain – anything that they can treasure for a lifetime. A good idea will be to get the gift that can be engraved with the wedding date so it can have a significance like an engagement ring.

3- How can I make it special?

Well, think about it this way: if you were being proposed to, you would expect him to make it about you, even if it was minor details, right?

So to make it a special and memorable, be sure to make it about what you both love. For example, you could choose a location which has a significance to your relationship like where you met for the first time or where your first date took place.

If you really want to impress him, you could plan it around an activity that excites him. Think about all his favourite hobbies and interests and use those as a way to make the proposal special.

4- Should I get down on one knee?

Although this is considered as a traditional step in proposing, there are no rigid rules for women. This means you could propose in any way you feel comfortable with. One of our favourites is getting a waiter to bring a specially made fortune cookie which says “will you marry me”. These four words are probably the hardest to say and so why not poor your heart out and wait for him to read it for himself.


luck fortune marry me



5-What if he says no?!

Asking for someone’s hand in marriage is nerve-racking regardless of who is proposing, and so you are bound to have that little voice in the back of your mind repeating, “what if he says no?” There is always the possibility of this happening but don’t panic because it’s never as bad as it seems.

Sit down and discuss why this is the case. He could be concerned about the financial costs of the wedding or he may have already been planning a proposal and was in the process of saving up enough to buy your dream engagement ring. Or he simply may not have been expecting it at all and just needs some time to think about it. After all, it’s better to think such big decisions through rather than rushing into them and regretting them further down the line.

And if all else fails, take consolation from our light-hearted tribute to the Oscar-winning film The Artist in which we show you how to stay friends.





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