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The Do’s and Don’ts for When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Dorset

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Date: 21-01-2016

We all know that planning a wedding is no walk in the park and takes a lot of effort and creativity. This is why it’s important to ensure that you don’t regret some of the bigger decisions you make, like choosing a venue as there are numerous things to consider (and plenty to avoid). Here are our top do’s and don’ts from Fantastic Wedding Fireworks:


Do decide on a theme or style

Dorset is a county recognised for its outstanding beauty filled with a collection of beautiful landscapes which of course is a plus, but it means that it will be difficult to choose from all the wonderful venues and potential themes. For example, if you wish to have a formal wedding you may consider a historic landmark like the beautiful Lulworth Castle which is set in 12,000 acres of rolling parkland and farmland. Since surviving a disastrous fire in 1929, the historic venue has been restored to its wonderfully simple state which enables couples to creatively design the venue to how they please.


Wedding Fireworks in Dorset
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Alternatively, if you prefer something more casual you can opt for a beach wedding and make the most of the blue sea that Bournemouth is recognised for. We recommend Hotel Miramar which is recognised for its enviable reputation as one of Dorset’s leading venues for wedding ceremonies, civil partnerships and receptions. The venue offers stunning landscaped gardens with breath taking views of the sea.


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Do determine the size of your guest list

Even if you find it challenging to finalise your list in the early stages, try and calculate a rough estimate of the number of guests you intend on inviting. This is because most venues have a maximum capacity and the last thing you want to do is have your heart set on a venue that does not enable you to invite your lovely neighbour or favourite aunt! Also, it would be a good idea to check out the venue when it is set up for a similar sized event so you can get a good idea of how spacious it is when the furniture is set up.


Do determine a set budget

While the venue is important, there are dozens of other expenses, and you will find that as the big day gets closer, there are plenty of smaller details to consider (and detail is EVERYTHING). So make sure that you agree on a set budget and clearly communicate with the management of the venue to find out what is included in the price. A good way of doing this would be to request a full breakdown of all the costs.


Do ensure that the venues allow your desired entertainment

A good wedding is incomplete without some memorable entertainment. However, some venues may restrict your desired entertainment so make it a priority to find out this information. Fireworks are the perfect ending to a beautiful evening but various venues restrict this due to noise or lack of space to create a safe distance for guests. The good news is that our recommended venues welcome fireworks displays! To find out more call us today on Bournemouth 01202 065967.



Wedding fireworks in Dorset at Wrest Park
Fantastic Wedding Fireworks

Don’ts for when choosing a wedding venue

Although there are no set rules for when choosing your wedding venue, we thought it would be useful to state some of things you shouldn’t do in order to avoid making the situation complex.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Some venues may be flexible on the price if couples are more willing to marry during the venue’s off-season. So don’t be afraid to ask because as the good old saying goes: you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Don’t leave it last minute

Once your engaged, it may be tempting to take a back seat and not think about wedding preparations for a while. However, unless you intend on staying engaged over a long period of time, you should start organising the big day as soon as possible. This is because most traditional venues require couples to book at least a year in advance; this is particularly the case if you intend on getting married during summer.


Don’t settle for less

You’re probably getting tired of reading all of these tips by now but choosing a wedding venue is a vital part of the process as it works as an anchor to bring all the other selected pieces of the wedding planning together. So don’t settle for anything less than your expectations, even if it means seeing a list of venues before you find that dream location!




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